Authorizations for the Equipment Insurance online program are managed by ASTRA. This includes authorizations for new users as well as for users who wish to change cost centers or add new cost centers. Note: Once your ASTRA authorizer gives you authorization, it takes an overnight process for your authorization to go into effect.

Contacting your ASTRA Authorizer

Use ASTRA’s self-serve option to discover who can authorize you.

  1. Go to ASTRA:
  2. Click the 'Who can authorize me?' button
  3. Enter your cost center or cost center hierarchy then click the 'Find & Verify' button
  4. Select the EIS application from the drop down list
  5. Click the 'Lookup Authorizers Now' button

The results will display who you can contact for authorization. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact

Two User Roles

There are two available roles for EIS: EIS Reviewer and EIS Purchaser. You only need one role. Giving someone both roles is unnecessary and can cause system problems for that user.

EIS Reviewer (read-only)

The ASTRA role for the read-only user is called “EIS Reviewer.” This user can view or export a list of insured items and view ISDs but can’t add, edit, or delete items. This role ensures that fiscal staff who should only be able to retrieve search results or ISDs have separation of duties from those who can actually insure items.

EIS Purchaser (full access)

The EIS Purchaser can add, edit, and delete items as well as view ISDs and search results. Please note: If the users are Purchasers on any cost centers, they are Purchasers on all authorized cost centers no matter the role. Purchaser “trumps” Reviewer in that way. Therefore, for users to have read-only access, they may not have any Purchaser authorizations.