Vehicle Accidents

Have you been involved in a vehicle accident while driving a UW vehicle?

Please follow the instructions provided by Fleet Services.

Have you been contacted by a party involved in the accident or his/her representative?

Please contact us at

Damage to UW Property

Is there ongoing damage taking place as a result of the loss?

Please contact your building coordinator or facilities staff for immediate attention and temporary repairs to minimize long-term damage.

Is the property or equipment insured?

Please contact one of our program coordinators to find out.

If it’s insured, what do I do?

Refer to the UW Property Claims Management Procedure.


Call us and we will help.

Equipment Insurance Claims

File a claim for missing or damaged property:

Equipment Insurance Claim

Insure new equipment or make a change:

Equipment Insurance Website

Liability Claims

Served with a lawsuit (summons and complaint)?

If the lawsuit names you as a defendant in the case, you should sign for it and accept the papers, then contact your claims specialist without delay. Make a copy of the papers you received for your records and prepare to send the originals to our office after consultation.

If the lawsuit does not name you as a defendant, you should NOT sign for it but refer the person attempting service to the Attorney General’s Office, 18th Floor, University Tower.

Questions about retaining documents (electronic and paper) following a receipt of a claim or lawsuit?

Refer to "Litigation Hold Just in Time Employee Guide" and "UW Guidelines on Electronic Discovery" available on the Attorney General’s Office website.

Questions about defense and indemnification available to UW faculty, employees and other?

Refer to UW Policy Directory

Are you a provider involved in a medical incident that might lead to a claim?

Contact Health Science Risk Management at 206-598-6303, or visit their website:

Human Subjects Claims

Injured while participating in a research study?

Contact the Principal Investigator/researcher on the study immediately and the Human Subjects Division (206-543-0098).