The role of the payroll coordinator is to assist with the reinstatement of leave to the Injured Worker, and to provide wage and leave information to the Claims Specialists. If workers have questions regarding sick leave buy back, they should refer to the Leave Buy Back webpage.

Claim Services is the only department authorized to complete and sign any Department of Labor and Industries form. If you are asked to complete an L&I form, please fax the form to Claim Services at (206) 543-7310.

Leave Options

The Injured Worker may use accrued sick leave, annual leave, comp time, leave without pay (LWOP), or a combination of the above. The Injured Worker is NOT eligible for shared leave; however, he/she may be eligible for the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). For more information about FMLA eligibility, the worker should contact his/her HR Representative. If you have additional questions, please email