Coverage Location


United States, Territories & Possessions, Puerto Rico and Canada.


Outside Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories and Canada.

Laptops, mobile devices & checkout items

Laptops, mobile devices & checkout items are covered worldwide. Tracking location changes online is not required. Use “Domestic-Various” location code.

All other items

All other items must have an accurate location entered in the system. Update the location if an item moves from the original insured location. Accurate tracking is necessary to insure claim payment in event of a loss, especially if items move between Domestic & Foreign Coverage areas. Changes may be entered up to a month prior to a move.

Value Limits by Location

Contact Risk Management to insure items with values that exceed the online limits.

Limits by Location Value Limit
Domestic Locations $500K
Domestic Transit other than Marine $500K
Foreign Locations/Air Transit $500K

Location-based Exclusions

  • Any country or jurisdiction subject to trade/economic sanctions imposed by US law or regulation.
  • Fine Art coverage is excluded in Foreign coverage area
  • Transit Delays
  • Transit via ocean-going vessels
  • Transit to/from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Territories or Possessions via air or land conveyance that exceeds $250K
  • Equipment located underwater (contact Risk Management for quote)

See Marine and Transit Exposures Page for detailed information regarding additional restrictions and coverage options or contact Risk Management.