University property and equipment is not automatically insured. UW Equipment Insurance is a campus-wide online program administered by Risk Services which provides optional, low cost coverage to University departments for owned, leased or borrowed equipment used for UW work.

As part of Finance Transformation, the Equipment Insurance System will be removing budget numbers and incorporating cost center worktags. In order to give us time to update both the EIS program and all legacy data prior to policy renewal at the end of October, our office plans to suspend the ability to insure new items over the summer. This means that you will temporarily be unable to add new equipment to the EIS program and our office will not be able to process refunds after 6/30/23.

**This change will not impact coverage for any currently insured equipment entered into the EIS prior to 6/30/23.**

This pause will also allow you to take advantage of the coming weeks and months to become more familiar with the new Workday financial system and worktag structure. You can expect further communication from our office and new information available on our website as progress continues.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at

We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary pause creates and thank you for your support!

The EIS team


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