The Equipment Insurance Policy renews annually on November 1. Equipment Insurance Renewal FAQs

October 31

  • Items in the system marked Y in the “renew coverage” field are copied over to new policy year database.
  • Items in the system marked N in the “renew coverage” field are deleted from the system.

During November

  • Update ALL FIELDS online and delete unwanted items from the system
  • Confirm budgets are valid and update as needed prior to November 30.
  • Items billed on November 30 on invalid budgets are NOT CONSIDERED INSURED.
Not all budgets are suitable for paying insurance premiums. It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that their users are charging the appropriate budgets for insured items.

Contact your department ASTRA Authorizer for

  • System authorizations
  • Adding new budgets to your existing authorizations
  • Deleting budgets from your existing authorizations

For detailed information, please see the System Authorization page.