Workers’ Compensation Claims Fraud

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Workers’ compensation fraud costs Washington State millions of dollars each year. Employers and employees both pay the cost of fraud in lost jobs and profit, lower wages and benefits, and higher costs for services and premiums. Workers' compensation fraud can be committed by employees, employers, health care providers, attorneys and others.

The University of Washington’s Claims Services Program is working to reduce the costs that result from workers’ compensation claims fraud by partnering with L&I to detect, investigate and deter fraudulent claims activity.

L&I is serious about detecting, investigating and deterring fraud. The department's fraud investigation staff works with state and federal law enforcement, and other regulatory agencies, to detect and prosecute individuals and businesses involved in fraudulent activity related to Industrial Insurance. Investigations often lead to criminal prosecution and recovery of money.

What is fraudulent claims activity? Here is a list of some common "Red Flags."

This list is not all-inclusive. If you witness or suspect any type of fraudulent claims activity, your best option is to call L&I’s Fraud Hotline directly. Your call will be handled by L&I’s professionals who handle claims fraud state-wide and can keep your identity confidential if you choose. If you prefer to make an online referral tip, you can do that via the link below. At any time, you are encouraged to call the University’s assigned Claims Specialist in Claim Services to discuss your concerns or relay information.


Department of L&I Report-a-Fraud Hotline: (888) 811-5974 (Anonymous)

L&I online fraud reporting

Claim Services Claims Specialists: 206-543-0183 or

Information on L&I Injured Worker Fraud

University of Washington Fraud Brochure