This insurance provides short-term health coverage as well as emergency services benefits. It is for faculty and staff coming to the United States on University of Washington business. The coverage is for any travel less than six months in duration and is self-procured; you do not need to contact the Risk Financing office to place coverage.

If you are an international student participating in a study abroad program coming to the UW as part of an approved, degree-seeking academic program, please go to the International Student Health Insurance Plan website with information on how to procure your health insurance.


How do I sign up for coverage?

Visit the United Healthcare Global website and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be able to secure and pay for coverage online. If you have any questions about your enrollment, you may contact

What is the cost of the coverage?

Your total cost will be based on the coverage amount and deductible you elect, as well as your age and the length of time you will be in the United States. Please request a quote to get your total premium.

What is covered?

This plan is designed to protect you from an acute illness or accident requiring emergency treatment. It also provides coverage in non-emergency situations where medical intervention would be warranted, provided the situation first manifested itself during the period of coverage. This plan does not cover maternity care, pregnancy complications, wellness checks, extended treatment, or pre-existing conditions. It is not meant to replace long-term medical care. Please see the SafeTrip website for full details of coverages, terms & conditions, and exclusions and consult their Frequently Asked Questions. Select the plan that works best for you.

Where am I covered?

Coverage is worldwide except for any care in your home country.

How do I pay for the coverage?

Coverage is paid at the time of procurement and can be paid with a ProCard or a credit card.

How do I make changes to my coverage?

United Healthcare Global
toll free: 1-800-732-5309
international: 1-410-453-6380
General contact information:
Immediate travel or medical assistance: