The University of Washington’s workers’ compensation program is insured through the State of Washington. The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) manages workers’ compensation claims for UW. University of Washington faculty, staff and volunteers are covered for work-related injuries and illnesses, per Administrative Policy Statement 14.1). Employees who are injured at work or who believe that their illness is related to their job can file an L&I claim through a physician’s office, clinic, emergency room, hospital, online or by phone.

The Claims Specialists in Claim Services are here to:

  • Assist employees and supervisors with the workers’ compensation claim process.
  • Facilitate the return-to-work process for employees with restrictions.
  • Process claim forms and information to expedite benefits when appropriate.
  • Work with L&I to manage claims and costs.
  • Maintain confidentiality in compliance with RCW 51.28.070.
  • Serve as a liaison among the University, L&I, the employee, the employee’s department, the vocational counselor and the medical provider(s).

Information for:

Injured workers

Supervisors or managers of an injured employee

Payroll Coordinators

Information about:

Stay at Work Incentive Program

Leave Buy Back

Out of State Workers

Foreign Workers' Compensation


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