You can add new items to Equipment Insurance any time throughout the policy year. If you add them in any month other than November, your premium will be pro-rated for the months left in the policy year.

A representative list:

Computer Equipment

  • laptops
  • mobile devices (see below for definition)
  • monitors
  • printers
  • hard drives
  • modems
  • licensed software

Mobile Device Definition

  • Hardware devices
  • Easily carried by a single person
  • Specifically designed to be regularly transported without incurring damage under normal circumstances

Office Equipment

  • fax machines
  • photocopiers
  • telecommunications systems

Audio Visual Equipment

  • camcorders
  • cameras
  • cell phones
  • televisions
  • video recorders
  • projectors

Scientific/Lab Equipment

Fine Art

Equipment Purchased on a Federal Grant or Contract

Loaned or Leased Equipment

Employee-owned Computers if:

  • Usage appropriate to work assignment
  • Approved by department chairperson
  • Located on UW campuses or research facilities
  • No coverage in transit to/from or at employee residence