Who should be notified in an emergency?

Call UWPD at 911. If there has been a fatality, also call UW Environmental Health and Safety at 543 -7388. If there is significant property damage, contact one of our Program Coordinators in Claim Services

Does the University purchase insurance?

The University is self-insured for most property (equipment and buildings), but not all. Self-sustaining units such as University of Washington Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, and others have insurance policies in place which cover some of the property and equipment. The University purchases insurance for its exposures pursuant to RCW 28B20.250 The University is largely self-insured for liability exposures. Claims are managed by Claims Services’ staff. Claim Services oversees the self insurance program.

I’ve had an auto accident while driving a UW vehicle. What do I do?

Please follow these instructions: UW Vehicle Accident Reporting. Refer anyone who contacts you about the accident to Claims Services.

If a claim is made or lawsuit filed against me, am I covered?

RCW 29B.20.250 allows the University to indemnify certain individuals at the University, including faculty, staff, students and others while acting within their employment or responsibilities at the University. The University Handbook explains the provision of defense and indemnification, outlines conduct which would fall outside the provision, and details the process upon which decisions are made.

Am I covered for an accident while driving a rental car?

It depends on whether the car was rented under the State rental contract or not, and whether the rental car was paid for on a Travel Card. Refer to the Travel Office web page Car Insurance Coverage for details.

Am I covered while driving my personal vehicle on University business?

Your personal auto policy will apply first, not the University’s self-insurance program. It will only cover damages in excess of your personal auto policy. See APS 14.1.3

My property was stolen. Will the University pay for it?

The University’s insurance program does not cover lost or stolen property unless it is clearly the result of the University’s negligence. You can submit a claim for consideration if you think that the University was negligent. If not, you should consider reporting a claim to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance carrier.

What’s the difference between Health Sciences Risk Management and Claim Services?

Health Sciences Risk Management provides specialized patient care risk management services to Health Sciences, Harborview Medical Center, the University of Washington Medical Center and other sites of practice where UW Medicine healthcare providers render health care. They typically manage patient events and complaints, some of which could lead to a claim, but they do not manage claims. Claim Services manages medical malpractice claims against UW providers and medical facilities, usually working closely with Health Sciences Risk Management.

How can I obtain legal advice on an issue related to risk management?

Requests for legal advice should be directed to the Attorney General’s Office at 206-543-4150. Questions about claims and lawsuits managed by Claims Services should be directed to the assigned claims professional.