The Stay at Work program is a financial incentive program that encourages employers to bring their injured workers quickly and safely back to light duty or transitional work by reimbursing them for some of their costs. Claims Specialists are responsible for filing for reimbursement.

What will Stay at Work reimburse employers for?

Wage reimbursement

50% of your injured worker's wages for the light-duty or transitional work:

  • For up to 66 days in which work was actually performed per claim. Fewer than 8 hours still counts as one day.
  • Within a consecutive 24-month period.
  • Up to $10,000 per claim.

Expense reimbursement

If, because of the injured worker's unique needs, the employer must make a purchase so the worker can perform the light-duty or transitional work, Stay at Work may pay for the following:

  • Training fees or materials, up to $1,000 per claim.
    Example: Tuition, books, or supplies.
  • Tools, up to $2,500 per claim.
    Example: Special wrench or keyboard tray.
  • Clothing, up to $400 per claim.
    Example: Steel-toed boots.

Return to work options include:

  • Working shorter hours.
  • Performing transitional work. For example, a worker might perform some of his original duties or different duties with lighter physical demands.
  • Performing a different job temporarily.
  • Working in a modified job. "Job modification" means making adjustments to the work site, changing the job to meet the worker's limitations or providing tools, equipment, or appliances that allow the worker to work within his limitations.

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