We manage claims and lawsuits which allege that negligence resulted in injury or property damage to third parties.

Types of Claims We Manage

Liability claims

  • professional liability (medical malpractice)
  • general liability
  • auto liability
  • employment practices liability
  • marine protective and indemnity
  • human subjects
  • any other liability claims

Claims for commercially insured risks, including workers’ compensation and some University equipment and property

Claims made under the Equipment Insurance program

We strive to manage the University’s claims in accordance with the best practices in the insurance industry. This means timely contacts with University staff and others, careful and thorough investigations and evaluations of claims, and an emphasis on reaching a favorable outcome for all involved. This outcome may be an early resolution on a claim in which we believe that the University is likely to have liability. On the other hand, this outcome may be a trial on a claim in which we determine that there is no liability. Regardless of the outcome, we aim to serve the University community and beyond with professionalism and integrity.

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