The Getting Started Guide is a page for UW departmental staff and faculty who are new to the Equipment Insurance process. Equipment Insurance is a University of Washington campus-wide online program administered by Risk Services which provides optional, low cost coverage to University departments for owned, leased or borrowed equipment used for UW work.

University property and equipment is not automatically insured. Insurance for your property must be purchased through our office. If your equipment is valued at $500K or less, we offer Equipment Insurance for your department to purchase. If your equipment is valued over $500K, please contact for more options.

Not all cost centers are suitable for paying insurance premiums. It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that their users are charging the appropriate cost center for insured items.

Eligible Items
Eligible Equipment
Marine and Transit Exposures

What's Covered
Downloadable Coverage Summary

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Equipment Insurance offers five deductibles and corresponding rates. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium rate.
Rates and Deductibles, including a rate calculator

Purchasing Equipment Insurance
Equipment Insurance is purchased through our self-service system, Equipment Insurance System (EIS).
First, get authorized for the Equipment Insurance system. Log into the system and go to the "Add an Item" page.

Equipment Insurance Invoices
Invoices are called "ISDs" and are found in the Equipment Insurance System. Here's more: Invoices

Filing a Claim
Claims are handled by Risk Services staff. Please follow the instructions here to file your claim: Filing a Claim