There is a streamlined process for requesting proof of insurance for groups of graduating residents and fellows. See "UW Departments Supporting Residents and Fellows" below. Certificates produced by this process will not include claims histories.

Graduating Residents and Fellows

  • Check with your program administrator first to see if they have already requested proof of insurance on your behalf.
  • If you have questions about tail coverage, see information about "Extended Reporting" on this page.
  • If you are requesting proof of insurance for your file or your records, you don't need to request a claims history.
    • Claims histories have a short shelf life, and take longer to produce. Your prospective employer will request a current claims history when they credential you.
  • Your UW Proof of Insurance document will provide information regarding terms and dates of coverage that you can use on your job applications.
  • Please give our website ( to future employers so they can request a claims history.
  • Email to is the best way to reach us.

UW Departments Supporting Residents and Fellows

  • Refer the graduate to the information above if they want a claims history.
  • Please use this spreadsheet to list the providers' names, their professional designations, e.g. M.D., D.O., etc., and their complete dates of UW employment as medical providers.
  • Email the completed form to Turnaround time is usually three days.
  • You will receive a PDF file which includes all of the certificates you requested.