Foreign Workers Compensation Claims

The University has an extensive and ever-changing global reach that requires UW faculty, staff and others to work in various parts of the world. There are several organizations which have programs and people working in foreign countries.

Insurance Coverage

The University of Washington has a policy with a commercial carrier that provides coverage for “voluntary workers’ compensation” for foreign workers. The coverage applies to any claim for bodily injury by accident, disease, or endemic disease. The bodily injury must be to a University employee, must arise out of the scope of employment with UW, occur during the policy period, and the coverage territory as defined by the policy. The coverage territory excludes the U.S. and its territories and Puerto Rico, as well as any country where there are trade or economic sanctions.

Claims Process

Claims will be sent to the Claims Service Program by departments who become aware of injured workers abroad. The Human Resources Consultant or Administrator will complete an ACORD form and send it to Claim Services electronically. Upon receipt, Claim Services will work with the carrier and the department contact to obtain any necessary information not provided on the form.

Study Abroad Insurance

Study Abroad insurance is required for students concurrently enrolled through the International Programs and Exchanges Office. It provides travel assistance of various forms, including medical evacuation, security evacuation, repatriation and other benefits. Information regarding the UW Study Abroad Insurance Plan is available on this webpage. All UW students participating in programs, research or study abroad are encouraged to purchase this insurance.

Academic Student Employees

Graduate students with GAIP-eligible appointments for their study or research abroad are covered by the workers’ compensation emergency programs available for UW staff. ASE’s are not required and do not need to purchase study abroad insurance. See Global Travel and Insurance for more information.

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