Washington Workers’ Compensation law allows you to select the provider of your choice to treat a work related injury or illness. Some injured workers choose a primary care provider with whom they already have a relationship, and some injured workers choose a provider located close to their work or home. While these can be reasonable choices, we encourage you to consider evaluation and treatment from a provider who specializes in Occupational Medicine.

Occupational Medicine Specialists are experts at treating work-related conditions. They understand the claims process well, and they work closely with your L&I claims manager and the UW Workers’ Compensation Claims Specialists to help you get appropriate treatments authorized and benefits paid quickly. Occupational Medicine specialists are trained to know when it is safe for you to return to work, either in your original job or in a transitional “light duty” position. Their special training will help to expedite your recovery.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic at Harborview
3rd Floor, West Clinic
325 Ninth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Some injured workers are concerned that treatment at Harborview means that their employer, the University of Washington, might be able to more easily access their private and confidential medical information. This is NOT true. State and Federal laws prohibit unauthorized access to protected health information by employers, regardless of the facility where care is rendered and whether that facility is associated with the employer.

Workers’ compensation law requires that treatment, after the initial examination, be performed by a medical provider that is in the Department of Labor and Industries provider network. A list of L&I network providers can be found at their website: https://secure.lni.wa.gov/provdir/.

Occupational Health at Kaiser Permanente
Nine locations exist in the Seattle Metro area. Click the link to find a location.

Several locations exist in the Seattle Metro area. Click the link to find a location.

Occupational Medicine at The Everett Clinic
4027 Hoyt Avenue
Everett, WA 98201

The Work Clinic at Highline
13030 Military Road South Suite 100
Tukwila, WA 98168-3079

Valley Occupational Health Services Clinic
400 S. 43rd Street
Renton, WA, 98055