You should stay in touch with your supervisor during your absence so that he or she will be aware of your medical progress and work status.

If your doctor instructs you to stay home or restricts you to light duty, you must provide a written statement to your supervisor and Claim Services that includes the dates you are unable to work or restricted and your physical restrictions. You are only required to provide information regarding your physical restrictions. You do not have to disclose any other medical information.

If you can’t bring the statement to your supervisor, inform them by phone and fax or mail the statement in as soon as you can.

Each time your doctor extends or changes your physical restrictions, you must promptly submit documentation to your supervisor and Claim Services.

If you are working at reduced hours or pay, contact your L&I claim manager and ask them to send Loss of Earning Power forms. You need to complete the employee section and then forward the form to Claim Services for completion of the employer section. Claim Services is the only University department authorized to complete and sign the employer section of this form. Please contact your Claim Specialist in Claim Services if you have questions or need additional information.