If time off work is ordered by the employee’s health care provider, he/she must provide a statement to you that includes the dates he/she is unable to work and any physical restrictions. If the employee cannot bring the statement to you, he/she must inform you by phone and mail in the statement as soon as possible.

It is your responsibility to stay in touch during the employee’s absence so you will be aware of his/her medical progress. You also need to stay in contact with your HR representative and Claim Services.

Each time the employee’s health care provider extends his/her leave or changes the physical restrictions, documentation must be promptly submitted to the supervisor. A copy of the restrictions should be sent to both your HR representative and Claim Services (Box 354964) or fax 206-543-6744.

If the employee is working part-time, or working at a temporary transitional job at a lower pay rate, he/she may be eligible for Loss of Earning Power. The employee will need to contact his/her L&I claim manager in order to obtain LEP forms. Claim Services is the only University department authorized to complete and sign the employer section of the L&I Loss of Earning Power form. Please contact the Claims Specialist with questions or for further information.

Job Modification Options

L&I-funded job modifications are available to return workers with permanent restrictions resulting from a work-related injury to their regular job or a new job. L&I will authorize a Job Modification Consultation only under certain circumstances.

Contact the Claims Specialist if you believe an employee would benefit from a job modification or if you have any questions. Additional assistance may be available from the UW Disability Services Office or through the UW Environmental Health & Safety Office.