If an employee is injured at work and needs treatment, instruct them to go to a health care provider of their choice and let the doctor know a work-related injury has occurred. They will assist the employee in filing a workers' compensation claim. You may want to encourage your employee to seek treatment with an occupational medicine provider. They have experience in dealing with L&I and the paperwork involved with a claim.

Employees may also file a claim form online at http://www.lni.wa.gov/ORLI/ECS/FileFast.asp or by phone at 1-877-561-FILE (3453).

Workers’ compensation claims must be filed within one year of an injury, and within two years of being notified that an illness is work-related. For additional information on Washington State Injury/Illness definitions, see the L&I website.

The Office of Risk Management is the only University department authorized to complete and sign the employer section of the L&I claim form. If an L&I form comes to you, please forward it to:

University of Washington
Claim Services
Box 354964
Seattle, Washington 98105
FAX: 206-543-6744