Out of State Workers' Compensation

Employees working outside the State of Washington must complete a required form and submit it to their payroll coordinator. This form is necessary to initiate coverage for on-the-job injuries.

Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Another State

Out-of-state employees must report any work-related illness or injury to their supervisor immediately. If the employee is seriously injured, he/she should seek immediate medical treatment.

For instructions on how to file a claim in another state, please contact Claim Services at workcomp@uw.edu. The claim filing process will be specific to the state in which the injury occurred.

If you sustained an injury while traveling for work

For UW employees who are injured in another state while temporarily traveling out of state for work, Washington workers’ compensation coverage may apply. Report your injury to your supervisor as soon as possible and seek medical treatment, if necessary.

You can file a claim online at http://www.lni.wa.gov/ORLI/ECS/FileFast.asp by phone at 1-877-561-FILE (3453).