In 2010, we surveyed you to hear your feedback about our program. We decided to make some changes based on your feedback. At renewal in November 2011, we had a significant change in our rate and deductible structure as well as a new Equipment Insurance System.

The below info was written in 2011, but since these were major changes, we are keeping it here as an FYI.

Coverage differences

  • You do not need to insure any item more than once.
  • Eligible Equipment has not changed.
  • Short term coverage for items being shipped or moved is still available.
  • Insured items are covered for Domestic, Foreign, Laptop, and Transit coverage - no need to purchase separate coverage.

Laptops, mobile devices & checkout items

Laptops, mobile devices & checkout items are covered worldwide. Tracking location changes online is not required. Use “Domestic-Various” location code.

All other items

All other items must have an accurate location entered in the system. Update the location if an item moves from the original insured location. Accurate tracking is necessary to insure claim payment in event of a loss, especially if items move between Domestic & Foreign Coverage areas. Changes may be entered up to a month prior to a move.

New rates and deductibles

In response to customer feedback, we restructured our rates and deductibles to allow you to choose from a wide range of options.

  • The lower the deductible, the higher the premium will be.
  • The higher the deductible, the lower the premium will be.
Deductible  Annual Rate 
$250 .0150
$500 .0125
$1000 .0100
$2500 .0085
$5000 .0055


A Rate Calculator is available!

Pre-Renewal Checklist

Need help thinking this through? We created a Pre-Renewal Checklist for you to use.

New System

A new Equipment Insurance System (EIS) will also go live at this year's renewal. Release notes explain the changes in the new system.

Deductible Example

The deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for in the event of a claim. It is deducted from the settlement amount.

For example, if you choose a $1,000 deductible and your $3,000 laptop is stolen, the settlement amount would be $2,000 -- the amount of the claim minus the $1,000 deductible.

Choosing your deductible

When choosing a deductible level, consider how much money is available in your department budget for out of pocket expenses in the event of a loss.

  • If your budget is able to absorb a higher deductible, you will save money on premium.
  • If your budget is not able to cover a lot of out of pocket expense, you will want to choose a lower deductible amount.